Promote your pet business with live video

You know live stream video is a big deal. But, are you struggling to figure out how to do live streaming, or how to add it to your marketing plan? Live Stream Jumpstart for Your Pet Business will help! Unlike other live stream programs, this one is designed...

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5 great ways to promote your business with live video

Live stream video is big! Businesses of all sizes are using Periscope, Facebook Live, Busker, and another live streaming video apps as part of their marketing plan. They're getting creative and growing their businesses as a result. There are countless ways to...

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Twitter automated direct messages – Good idea or not?

  Direct Messages (aka DMs) on Twitter can be a great way to connect with people. They can also be super annoying and do the exact opposite of what you're hoping for! I’m especially talking about the automated DMs. If you’ve been on Twitter any length of time,...

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You can overcome the fear of broadcasting on live video

Live video can be very daunting for many people. The idea of hitting that ‘broadcast’ button on Periscope is enough to send them into a panic or paralyze them with fear. I know a lot of people who desperately want to use live video to promote their businesses but they...

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Tips for your first live stream broadcast

  I don't know how many people I've talked to, or watched on apps like Periscope and Facebook Live, who have said they were terrified of doing a live broadcast. Once that first broadcast is out of the way though, most people realize it's not all that scary...

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3 Tips for doing live streaming demos on Periscope

Whether you're live streaming on Periscope, MeVee, Facebook Live, or another app, live demos are a great way to show your skills or products. However, even though you may know your content backward and forward, if you don't do a good job of presenting it, you're...

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3 ways to get great new followers on Periscope

Whether you're using Periscope to promote your pet business, retail products, consulting service, or some other type of business there are many ways to grow your following. Perhaps the most important thing to remember though is the interactive nature of Periscope. The...

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8 ways to be a Periscope viewer who broadcasters love

Whether you're a regular viewer of Periscope broadcasts, or just go on the app now and then, there are a some things you want to do (or not do!) when you are watching. There are ways to interact with others that will have a broadcaster smiling when they see you pop...

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The #PetLoversTribe on Periscope

Over the last few months I have become extremely active on the Periscope live streaming app. And I've been focusing my efforts on growing the pet community on Periscope. A few months ago I launched the #PetLoversTribe as a way for people in the pet community to...

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