Product Links

Many of the links to products or services on this website are either affiliate links, paid advertising, or links to other websites that I own. This includes product links in blog posts. Purchases will be made through various companies on their respective websites. This means when you purchase the item, I’ll get a small commission.

Reviews of Products and Services

From time to time I may review products or services. These posts will most likely contain links to one of my affiliates.

I won’t review products or services I think are junk, just to get you to buy them!

If I think a product is worthwhile I’ll say so. But, if I happen to try something that I think was a total waste of money and/or time, I’m going to tell you that too. Either way, I’ll usually provide a link for products or services I review. That way you can buy it if you want to, and make up your own mind.