Name Change Possible for Some Facebook Pages


Some Facebook page admins can now change the name of their page. So far it looks like only pages with fewer than 100 fans have this option, and from what I’ve read, that’s probably how it’s going to stay. According to Inside Facebook, the most likely reason this feature is only available for pages with fewer fans is because Facebook doesn’t want people setting up generic pages and then changing the topic of the page later.

If your page has the option to change the name, you’ll see it in your admin area.  It’s important to note this does not affect your custom URL. If you do make a change, keep in mind that your fans will not be notified, so it’s best not to change it completely. If you do, make sure you let your fans know what you’ve done. And, if there are any other changes that go along with the name change, be sure to announce that as well.

Facebook page name changes

You’ll also notice some nice changes in the admin area. The navigation buttons are over to the left of the page. I don’t see any change in functionality, but I do like the new layout.

To see the new layout, and see if your page has the name change option, click the “Edit Page” link on the left sidebar of any page you admin, or go to the Ads and Pages link on your home page.

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  1. Tamara

    Unfortunately, I have been wanting to update my business page name to add the company name but withover 500 fans – I can’t. My invention, Baby Buckle Pad, is the name of page which is ok but realize after the fact that I should of added the company name to read: Momma Edison – Baby Buckle Pad or Baby Buckle Pad by Momma Edison. I don’t think one should be restricted by not being able to change the name or add on to a name of their business page without having to start a new one and lose all their fans. Facebook please gives us the option for those who STILL can not update their business page!


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