How to Email People through LinkedIn


When emailing someone through LinkedIn, you’ll have the option to hide your email address from them. If you hide your email address from someone who has their LinkedIn account set up to forward emails to their inbox, they will need to login to LinkedIn to respond.  Letting them see your email address means they’re more likely to hit the respond button and reply to you right away. This short video goes into a bit more detail, and shows how to ensure your email address is viewable to the recipient.

I get quite a few emails every day, and like to respond as soon as possible. But when I get ones sent through LinkedIn without a return email address, quite often I’ll let those wait til the next time I login to LinkedIn. I’d much rather email right away and get it taken care of, but there are times when I just don’t want to break my stride and switch to LinkedIn.

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  1. keith warrick

    Yes, that works if you are already connected to the person who is sending you the message but if you are not yet connected and have privacy issues, unchecking the box works best.

    For those that I am connected to, replying via e-mail works by simply hitting REPLY. Plus, I use the LinkedIn Outlook toolbar where I downloead my connections on a bi-weekly basis into a LinkedIn Contacts folder in Outlook.

  2. Sue Rostvold

    Excellent tip as usual Therese. I think most people don’t even think about checking that box. I’ve had this happen on many occasions that I have to log into Linkedin in order to reply or find the person’s email address in their profile. It’s much more efficient to just check the box!


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