Get an Email When Someone Comments on your Facebook Page


Have you ever wondered how to get an email when someone posts to your Facebook page?

Part of having a Facebook page is keeping up with what others are posting. Unfortunately Facebook doesn’t make that easy. Although they send notifications when someone posts to a personal profile, pages don’t have the same feature. As a page admin you have to actually go to that page periodically to see if there have been any new posts. So unless you have your eyeballs on that page 24/7, fans (aka clients!) may not get their answers as quickly as possible, spam comments may linger, etc. Being able to react to comments on your wall in a timely manner can be really important to the success of your page.

Well, finally there’s a way to get email notifications for comments on Facebook fan pages.

Hyper Alerts lets you set up an account, so you can get an email whenever someone posts to the wall on your Facebook Page. I’ve been using it for a couple weeks and it works like a charm! Since I’m getting an email whenever someone posts to my page, I don’t have to check in quite as often, which means I can concentrate on other work and not worry about what’s happening on my pages. It also means I won’t miss a post – and if you have an active page, that can be a real problem.

When you set up your account, you’ll need the numeric ID for your page. The easiest way to find that is to go to your page, and click on the image you have on the left of the page. The page ID will be at the end of the URL, right after the equals sign. The video below shows how to set up your alerts.

Thank you, Hyper Alerts!

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