How to link to your Facebook page on your personal profile


I put together this short tutorial on how to add a link to your Facebook business page to your personal profile. Your business name may show up just below your name on your profile, but rather than linking to your business page, it might link to a community profile. This short tutorial shows how to link it to your actual business page. I’ll also show you how to force it to show (and link to) the business of your choice if you have more than one business listed on your personal profile.

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  1. Athena

    I used to be able to click on my link that directly goes to my business page. For some reason a couple of weeks ago no one is able to click on my business page anymore. You can still see my FB business page under place of work but you cannot click on it anymore unless you click on the about me section first. I have deleted my work place and edit it where I re entered my business. My page pops up when I am re entering it like you show on the example. No matter what I do it still will not show a link. It just has the name of the business page unlinked. Any idea what could have happened and how I can fix this. I have lost business and spent 2 days trying to figure it out. Thank you!

  2. rochelle

    Hello, this is a great website, thank you for all the good suggestions. After watching this video, I have a question regarding linking pages now that we (regrettably!) have timeline. I have a personal FB page and a business page. I’d like to be able to link the two pages together, so that if I post on my business page it also shows up on my personal page if possible. One wrinkle: unfortunately, I have “friends” on my personal page that I don’t want to make aware of my business or see my business posts (it’s a long story!). Is it possible to achieve this, where I can link these pages and still block a certain group (for which I’ve created a list) from seeing my business info or posts? Thank you.

    • Jessica

      Rochelle, unfortunately that’s not ALL possible, but it’s not all IMpossible… There is no way to make it so that things you post on your BUSINESS page will automatically post to your personal page. You CAN however, click the “Share” link under whatever you post on your business page and share it on your personal wall.

      In order to keep those “friends” that you DONT want to make more aware of your business from seeing, simply click the little Icon next to the “Post” button that says “Friends” or “public” or whatever yours says, choose CUSTOM from the drop down box and then where it says “hide from” start typing in the names of the people you don’t want to see your business posts and then save it.

      You can change that setting with everything you post so that you can customize who sees what.


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