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periscopeappOver the last few months I have become extremely active on the Periscope live streaming app. And I’ve been focusing my efforts on growing the pet community on Periscope. A few months ago I launched the #PetLoversTribe as a way for people in the pet community to connect with one another. I wanted a place where people could meet like-minded people, learn from each other, support one another on Periscope, and find others in the industry to collaborate with.

I’ve been so happy with how the #PetLoversTribe has grown! It has attracted some wonderful people, from all over the world. Some are business owners, many are not, but we have a very active group of people who are happy to support one another and have a great time doing it. We attend each others’ broadcasts and connect with one another in our Facebook group.

One of our members, Lisa Illman, wrote an article recently for sheownsit:

Periscope is the hottest live stream app on the Internet with over 10,000,000 users to date. More and more people are creating tools, techniques, communities and products that support or compliment Periscope. Cats and dogs refuse to be left out of this rapidly growing platform as reflected in the number of pet organizations and pet lovers popping up left and right on Periscope. If you are a pet lover, pet business, and pet organization or have a pet blog, this post is for you!

Probably the biggest community on Periscope right now that serves the pet industry is The mastermind and founder of this unique community is Therese Kopiwoda. You can find Therese on Periscope @Kopiwoda. The best way to become a member of this free community is to follow Therese on Periscope, sign up on the website and start scoping with #petloverstribe in your scope titles.


Lisa goes on to talk about some of the #PetLoversTribe events, including our scoping challenge and pass the cast, both of which are unique broadcasting events that originated on Periscope. We welcome new members to the group, which is free. The only requirement is that you must be a pet lover! If you’d like to join, visit the #PetLoversTribe website to learn more, or come directly to the #PetLoversTribe on Facebook.

If you’re not on Periscope yet, download my free Periscope Quick Start Guide to get started. Follow me on Periscope (@kopiwoda) and join the #PetLoversTribe!



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