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live stream consulting for your pet business

You know live stream video is a big deal. But, are you struggling to figure out how to do live streaming, or how to add it to your marketing plan? Live Stream Jumpstart for Your Pet Business will help! Unlike other live stream programs, this one is designed specifically for people in the pet industry and will give you the confidence and skills to use Periscope, Facebook Live, and other live streaming apps as part of your marketing plan.

When you sign up for Live Stream Jumpstart for Your Pet Business, we will have two phone calls that will be tailored to you and your business. When we’re done you will:

  • Know how to broadcast on Periscope and/or Facebook Live
  • Have a working live stream strategy for your business
  • Have a list of at least 10 topics to broadcast about

When I first started broadcasting on Periscope, I had no idea what I was doing. I hadn’t done much at all in the way of video, and the thought of doing live video terrified the heck out of me. Even so, I knew how important it was going to be for my business. So I stumbled through and bit by bit, I figured it out. I learned how to use the app, gained confidence, and discovered ways to use it for my business.

Live Stream Jumpstart for Your Pet Business will speed up that process for you, so you can start usinglive stream video to grow your business.

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live stream consulting for your pet business


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