The list of live streaming apps is getting longer


list of live streaming video apps

Live streaming video is growing by leaps and bounds. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the new apps though, so I put together this list. Some of these are more popular than others, and most will probably never really catch on. But, the fact there are so many shows how mainstream live video is becoming.

I’m primarily using Periscope and Facebook Live, and have not used most of these, but have made a note on the ones I have tried at least once.

Bidchat – Bidchat (coming soon) – Interact face to face with celebrities, influencers, and experts on a live mobile broadcast. – Desktop and mobile live streaming app, allowed up to 4 people to be broadcast at once. (Closed in August, 2016.)

Busker – Live video, with an option to accept payments. (iOS, Android coming soon.)
Follow me on Busker, my username on Busker is @kopiwoda.

DaCast – DaCast makes live and on-demand video streaming simple and includes ways to monetize your content effectively via pay-per-view and/or subscriptions.

EYETOK – A Spanish-made social networking platform. (iOS, Android)
I tried Eyetok but deleted it because I was required to enable location. 

Facebook Live – It’s Facebook! Available on the Facebook app on iOS and Android.
I do Facebook Live from my profile and my business page.

Firetalk – Live video with one or two people on screen. Works on desktop devices running Chrome or Firefox browsers, or iOS devices via their mobile app.

Flurry – Live streaming app that connects teenagers with their favorite social media stars.

GoLIVEWith – (coming soon) GoLiveWith is a free broadcast network that lets you share your passion with public audiences, private groups and your social networks.
I reserved my username on this one several months ago, but have no idea when they intend to launch.

Hang w/ – Hang w/ is live-streaming video, with a monetization layer built in. Ads are shown before and after broadcasts and broadcasters can earn 25% of the net advertising revenue earned by Hang w/ from your broadcasts.

Hoot – Hoot stream live to facebook and twitter friends.

Huzza – This live stream app offers a free plan that allows people to broadcast to up to 25 people. Three other plans are available to broadcast to more people, including monetization options, private broadcasts, and having up to four people on a broadcast. Sign up with Twitter or Patreon.

Kamcord – Watch people broadcast their phone screen. (iOS, Android)

Kanvas – This is a live stream app, owned by AOL, and geared primarily toward teenagers. (iOS, Android)

Live:Air Solo – Uniquely designed for the iPhone, Live:Air Solo is packed with real-time creative tools such as graphics, overlays, transitions – Go live, connect with your favorite stars, and earn rewards and cash! (Android) – Created by, broadcast and receive virtual gifts from your viewers. (iOS) – Watch coders code products live and hang out with them.

MeVee – Broadcast to the public or create a group for private broadcasts.
I tried MeVee several times, both as a broadcaster and viewer, but found it to be extremely glitchy.

Mobcrush – Mobcrush is a new livestreaming app connecting the world’s gamers with one touch. (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows PC)

Nom – Nom is a new way to explore the world of food, cooking and travel through the eyes of makers, creators, voyagers and chefs. (iOS)

Peek – Private live stream broadcasts live with friends.

Periscope – Explore the world through someone else’s eyes. (iOS, Android)
Follow me on Periscope

Smiletime – Broadcast to viewers, invite a viewer to appear in video chat, up-vote each others’ comments, live polls.

Snapchat – Not live video, but is included here because it has a video component and is used by many live streamers. (iOS, Android)
Follow me on Snapchat (username @kopiwoda)

Streamup – Join our community to go live, chat together, and support your favorite musicians. (iOS)

Superfly – Live stream broadcasts to a private group of people. (iOS)

Tumblr – Tumblr doesn’t have a live stream app. Instead, they allow you to syndicate your broadcasts from YouTube, YouNow, Kanvas, and Upclose.

Twitch – Twitch is the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers. (iOS, Android, NVIDIA Shield, Xbox 1, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Chromecast, Fire TV)

UenMeapp – UenMe is a fun way to privately video chat with anyone and charge for your time. (iOS)

Upclose – Invite your friends to your broadcast. Do a Duo and show up in the live video, then everybody will be able to watch both of you. (iOS, Android)

UStream – Online video and live streaming.

uZoom – (coming soon) Shoot live video, earn some cash. (iOS, Android)

Wirecast Go (by Telestream) – Mobile live streaming production app

YouNow – Discover talented broadcasters, watch live streams and video chat live with people from around the world. (iOS, Android)

YouTube – Coming soon for all, but some people have already have it.

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  1. Prasanta Shee

    In addition to above, you can also have a look at R-HUB live streaming servers app. It empowers live streaming with real time collaboration.

  2. Dave

    Beyond Facebook Live, YouTube and Periscope do you see any of these as Game Changing with innovation? My thought is Periscope was first so they are a player. Facebook has massive numbers so they’re a player. YouTube has the medium so they’re a player. The others, unless they have amazing innovation for live video it seems like they are just biding their time?

    I read an article about Blab which basically said they will run out of money and be forced to shut down…


    • Therese

      I think if anybody is going to surpass Periscope, Facebook, and YouTube they’re going to have to have some wildly insane features that nobody thought of. Those three just have way too much of a stronghold for the smaller apps to get the audience. And since people have built communities on these platforms I just don’t see it happening unless they have a darn good reason to switch. Now, if Niantic decides to add live chat to Pokemon Go things may get a little interesting.

      Blab was going pretty strong for a while, it’s a shame they’re losing steam. I have a feeling Facebook is going to make a lot of people forget about Blab though, once they release their split screen feature.


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