Canva for Beginners Webinar


Canva for Beginners Webinar

My first new webinar of the year is happening soon! Canva for Beginners. As the name implies, it’s for people who want to learn how to get started with Canva.

Whether you’re brand new to Canva or have dabbled in it a little bit, you’re going to love this webinar! I’ll guide you through how to make some eye-catching, professional looking graphics to snazz up your marketing materials, social media posts, and more.


What you’ll learn in this webinar:

  • Templates, Elements, and Photos: Use Canva’s extensive library to effortlessly create stunning visuals. 
  • How to Create a Design for Social Media Posts: Craft eye-catching posts that stand out in the crowded digital landscape.
  • Resizing Items: Learn the art of resizing without compromising quality, ensuring your content fits every platform seamlessly.
  • Working with Text, Images, Icons, and Shapes: Master the basics of manipulating text and visuals to communicate your brand’s message effectively.
  • How to Upload Images: Seamlessly integrate your own visuals into Canva, adding a personal touch to your designs.
  • Cropping Images: Refine your images to perfection, making sure they fit your design seamlessly.
  • Preset Layouts: Save time with pre-designed layouts tailored for different types of content.
  • How to Use Frames: Elevate your designs with frames, adding a professional touch to your visuals.

Register now for only $25! Price goes up February 1.

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