5 great ways to promote your business with live video


how to promote your business with live video

Live stream video is big! Businesses of all sizes are using Periscope, Facebook Live, Busker, and another live streaming video apps as part of their marketing plan. They’re getting creative and growing their businesses as a result. There are countless ways to incorporate live video into your marketing plan and here are a few just to get you thinking.

Broadcast from Local Events

There are a number of ways you can take advantage of local events. If you have a booth or other setup of your own, broadcast periodically letting viewers know what’s going on. Talk about your company, show your booth or other setup and what the event is all about. Don’t just talk about yourself though. Let your viewers know who else is there and what they can expect if they decide to come. Offer a special offer or freebie for anyone who comes to your booth and mentions the your broadcast.

If you’re attending an event but don’t have your own booth, interview some of the vendors or speakers. Everybody loves free publicity so most people you approach will be happy to talk about their products or services. During your broadcast, be sure to introduce yourself, the event, and who you’re talking to. Ask a few questions about their business and let them shine – make this about them! When you’re finished, be sure to get their contact information. That way you can send them an email letting them know where they can find the replay. Chances are, they will post it to their blog, Facebook page, Twitter, and other social media accounts.

If you’re in the pet industry, like most of my clients, get the pets in on the act! Pet people love showing off their pets. So if you’re attending a pet event and there are dogs, cats, or other pets, you shouldn’t have a hard time at all finding people to talk with. And, if there are animal rescue groups in attendance, they will be thrilled for you to do a broadcast telling people about them.

Product or service launch

If you’re introducing a new product, use live video for your official launch. Make it an event rather than just a broadcast. Promote it ahead of time and let people know you will have some special offers and giveaways for people who come to the live event.

Demonstrations / Tutorials

Doing online demos is an excellent use for live video apps like Periscope and Facebook Live. People turn to YouTube videos for this all the time, and you can probably name at least a few TV programs that show viewers how to do something. Whatever you do for a living, or whatever hobbies you have, let your viewers in on how to do something. Show us, step-by-step, how to do what you are good at. See my post 3 Tips for doing live streaming demos on Periscope.

Behind the Scenes

There are a number of ways you can show your viewers what’s going on behind the scenes. Your regular customers might talk to your people on the phone or correspond via email, but  never see them. So introduce us to your employees, and have them talk about their role with your company. Being able to put faces with names will help develop a closer relationship with your company.

Let your viewers in on what happens to get your product or service out the door. If you have a physical product, show us how they’re manufactured, packaged, and sent on their way. Make it fun for your viewers. If you take custom orders, find a customer who would be interested in seeing their product made on a live broadcast – or a series of broadcasts, for a product that might be more time consuming. They will be excited about it, and will likely tell their friends to watch, too. Arrange to do a broadcast when they receive the finished product.

Q & A Broadcasts

Everybody has questions! Q & A broadcasts can be an excellent way to connect with your customers and potential customers. Live broadcasts like this show that you value them and want to be sure they get the information they want or need. And, because you’re interacting live, it will help build that know, like, and trust factor. Q & A sessions are also an excellent way to get ideas for new products or services.

You can also have a list of your FAQs on hand and fit them in periodically. People watching may not ask them, but they may be thinking them, so be sure to include them.

With all of these broadcast ideas, be sure to do some promotion in advance. Let people know through your mailing list, a Facebook event, Twitter, and other social media accounts. And, if you really want to get people to a broadcast, consider offer a special promotion or giveaway that they can only be eligible for if they attend.

For specific topic ideas to use in your live broadcasts, get my free download.



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